A Quiet Moment

I haven’t been here in a little while.

I could tell you that school has me zapped. Or that we tend to be busy 4+ evenings a week and I haven’t had the time to sit down and write.

Those things are true, only to an extent. But there’s been an overarching theme of my life recently and I think Hayley over at The Tiny Twig says it best on her blog. She writes:

I can’t do everything well, not at the same time anyway…When faced with many good things…choose to do the one thing only you can do. If there is something someone else can do, then be willing to let it go for the things made just for you…I need to love the people right in front of me well, because that’s the thing only I can do.

I have been pulled to focus on what is in front of me. School and work, absolutely, but also giving due attention as I go into my fifth month of being a wife. Lately we’ve been tossed around by job prospects and the reality that marriage is actually work and grace is a necessity.

So that’s where we are. Sometimes living our everyday, ordinary moments isn’t always as exciting as the prospect of what “could” be, but that’s ok. We’re finding meaning in the small things.

We’ve been trusting God the best we can when we don’t know what the heck we’re doing half the time. It’s caused me to be more present where I am, both physically and mentally. I’ve been concentrating on that.

That’s the thing only I can do.


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